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For the last ten years a fellow has been "investing" in stocks and now has less money than when he started. Obviously some unwise decisions were made. He started with $40,000 and failed to keep track of the time he was spending "investing" to say nothing of what he was paying on commissions and taxes. All in all, he has been making less than the minimum wage, or worse-- completely wasting his time !   His upside was only about $10,000 and his downside is the whole $40,000. That's the same for everybody. Why is it that for the last ten years he could not have been satisfied with $2,000 to $7,000 per year return? He is just in this for fun. Ask him point blank if 24% per year will suit him and he will say he is going for more -- much more!   Are tax-free municipal bond funds boring to him? Needed more excitement? He's just caught up in the frenzy of imitiating the fictitious superheroes on the financial television shows. He thought it was just a joke that his company has matched his 401(k) contributions. That's free money! How many of his call options were profitable? Almost none! Oh, he BORROWED the money to "invest!" What a high-risk speculator he is!   Ever heard of stop-loss?   He lost most of his money by not considering this because not only did he not use a stop-loss order, he kept buying the stock as its price declined. He accelerated his losses instead of stopping them. Maybe he can turn that all around with a new attitude. He should take some time off, catch his breath, and meditate. Now he should let his money get the 0.5% annual interest offered from his broker's money market fund or a savings account. He needs to be humble. He isn't going to double his money this year, for crying out loud!   Maybe next year he will be mature enough to examine the merits of buying one or more of the stocks listed at take-overs.com and gain a double digit return. Go for it! That's why it's here !

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